Circle of Friends (CoF) Cebu City, Philippines


 Our two main goals are...


[first]  To help bring in focus the fragile environment of the Province of Cebu.

[second]  To promote human and religious rights in Tibet (currently occupied by China). 

For a sustainable world and that the Tibetan people will be given the right to self determination. 



Please join us in our activities...


[April22]  CoF Environmental Endeavour 

The annual global Earth Day celebration.

A cleanup program on a selected place is scheduled on this day. 

[March10]  CoF Tibet* Focus  Annual solidarity by joining the global activities to commemorate the National Tibetan Uprising Day.  The whole of Tibet rose up against China's illegal occupation of their country in 1959.  Previous and future activites are scheduled like; Holy Mass intentions, film showing

 about Tibet, press releases and picket/protest at the Chinese Consul office, Cebu City. 



Suportahi ang atong Kalikasan ug Mabuhay ang Malayang Tibet !



*devotion, it is the only way, the only way.